Welcome to London Guildhall College. One of the leading providers of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Professional Education amongst the private educators in Britain. Our courses are organised in collaboration with international institutions to  cover most of the popular fields in today's industry. The end result is courses that have direct relevance to their field and of a high quality. Our mission is to provide opportunities for learning and professional development which make a difference to you and the community.

Management Statement

We are a leading provider of higher education and vocational training situated in East London. We offer a comprehensive and varied programme of Business Management, Computing Systems Development and Skills for life programme at LGC.

Our courses adopt a current up to date approach with close links to the business community. The college is well established with affiliations to EDEXCEL, GATEHOUSE AWARDS & ATHE. There is a wide network of resources available on a well equipped campus containing multi facet facilities.There is a cross cultural mix diversity and dynamic outlook which ensure that students are provided with welfare and accommodation advice. Based in East London there is an easy access to London and the South East with affordable tourist attractions on show.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I wish you all an enriching and fulfilling experience while at London Guildhall College.


Professor Cedric Bell